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If flagging energy levels are making it tough to get through your day, you’re not alone. Between the stresses of work, tending to our families, and perhaps less-than-optimal habits, fatigue is a common complaint amongst people from all walks of life. While we may not be able to alter our daily schedules exactly to our liking, we can do a great deal to boost our energy, and move through the day with greater ease. Higher energy levels make us feel happier, allow us to work with greater efficiency, less stressed out, and loads of other good stuff. Here are just a few quick fixes that will give you the boost you need when you feel like you are running on empty.

Stimulating Breath

Our breath is a great ally in promoting well-being. There are breathing exercises that calm us and reduce stress, as well as those that reinvigorate, and increase our energy levels. The Stimulating Breath, which is based on a yogic breathing technique, is perfect for increasing alertness, and fighting fatigue. This technique can be a bit noisy, so you’ll want to do it somewhere private.

  1. Breathe in and out through your nose at a very rapid pace, while your mouth remains closed. Your inhales and exhales should be very short and equal in length.
  2. Aim for three cycles per second, with normal breathing in between them.
  3. When you first start out, limit your session to fifteen seconds. Each time you practice, extend by five seconds, until you are doing the exercise for a full minute.


With all the talk about meditation for reducing stress , and enhancing relaxation, you may not think of it as a viable technique for boosting energy, but according to WebMD, several studies have found this simple practice to be a powerful tool for such purposes. A stressed mind can certainly drain our energy, and increase feelings of fatigue—the connection between the mind and body is quite powerful remember. Mini-meditation breaks throughout the day can do wonders for clearing our heads, strengthening our focus and concentration, and replenishing the body with more energy.

Low-Intensity Exercise

When our energy levels are plummeting, the last thing we may feel like doing is exercising, but it is one of the best ways to fight fatigue and increase our energy. The good news is, you don’t have to engage in super-strenuous activity to reap the energy-boosting benefits. Studies suggest low-intensity activity is sufficient to boost energy and reduce fatigue significantly. One such study, from researchers at the University of Georgia divided 36 participants who complained of fatigue and did not exercise regularly into three groups—one engaging in moderately-intense exercise for 20 minutes three times a week for six weeks, one engaging in low-intensity exerciser for the same period, and a control group. Both exercising groups reported a 20 percent increase in energy levels, but the low-intensity group reported a greater reduction in fatigue—60 percent vs 49. Interestingly, there was no connection between the improvements, and increased fitness, which means the exercise itself appears to be acting directly on the central nervous system. It seems a mere 20 minutes of leisurely walking can make a big difference in your energy levels, providing both an immediate boost and a cumulative effect over time. So, be sure to hit the pavement at some point during the day, whether during your lunch break, after dinner or in the morning before work. It is easy to get overtaken by our low-energy and feel powerless against it. But, with a commitment to applying helpful techniques, we can take back control of our health and recharge our batteries quite effectively.  

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