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[Video] The Biology of Belief


Have you ever heard the name, Bruce Lipton?

If you have, amazing.

It’s likely you have blown away all misconceptions about the power our beliefs have in shaping our lives.

Your life is certainly changing in front of your eyes, even with just a glimmer of understanding.

If you haven’t heard of him, here’s your chance to get acquainted with a persona that has helped the nature of who we are and how we operate become ever more clear.

Bruce Lipton pioneered a scientific movement back in the 1970’s when genetics was becoming a huge buzzword in the world of biosciences.

Everyone back then was completely convinced that our genes control our entire destiny.

They believed that if you were predisposed with a certain set of genes, let’s say a set of genes pointing to pancreatic cancer, for instance, that you were simply a ticking clock just waiting to strike high noon spelling disaster for the pancreas. 

It’s this mechanical paradigm that is completely turned on its head in Lipton’s work.

He was the first person in his scientific circle to talk about how the environment is what shapes us, not genes.

He has shown this in his lab over and over again through a simple test.

He can take genetically identical cells and place them in different Petri dishes.

Then he adds a different set of growing conditions in each dish. 

The cells begin to create more of themselves based solely on the medium!

One group of cells turn into cartilage, another muscle, and another neurological tissue. The only difference in the conditions was the environment these cells were placed into. This is the beginning of the field of ‘epigenetics’ or how the environment is the key to unlocking the power of our genetics.

The only difference in the conditions was the environment these cells were placed into. This is the beginning of the field of ‘epigenetics’ or how the environment is the key to unlocking the power of our genetics.

This is the beginning of the field of ‘epigenetics’ or how the environment is the key to unlocking the power of our genetics.

Basically, this shows how our genes are the physical stuff in our body, kind of like light switches, that are turned on or off depending on the conditions they are presented. If the environment is full of whole and healthy circumstances and situations that allow for our abundant growth, these are the types of things the body will begin to create, even if our genetic dispositions are a little shaky. If on the other

If the environment is full of whole and healthy circumstances and situations that allow for our abundant growth, these are the types of things the body will begin to create, even if our genetic dispositions are a little shaky. If on the other

If on the other hand we are not in a great environment, an environment that is conducive to providing the sustainable set of circumstances our body needs to be healthy and well, then it really doesn’t matter what kind of genetic makeup we have, the body cannot sustain itself under these conditions. 

It gets even more remarkable when it comes to how we view the world and the power of our minds to create our experiences.

The way we look at life is directly related to the way we experience life.

The video below is for you to watch Dr. Lipton describe in detail the inner workings of his findings.

He shows us how this new area of science is the foundation of a whole new way of interacting with life in positive and empowering ways.

The Biology of Perception [1:08:51]

This is really remarkable.

Hope you enjoy your newfound power of healing yourself through your own inner influences.

Here’s to your highest health and your best self,


Women’s Health – The Most Important Topic Our Time


As presumptuous as it may sound, women’s health is quite literally the most important topic of our modern age.

As a man writing this, you might be wondering why would I make such a bold claim.

At its core the answer is really quite simple: the Woman is the Matriarch.

The term matriarch comes from the latin ‘mater’ meaning mother.

And it is the mother* who is at the root of all the health, wellness and longevity on our planet.

Let us delve into the reasons why this marvelous maternal member of our family is so cornerstone.

Hopefully, we can use this way of viewing the sacred feminine to begin the journey of forever supporting the optimal health of every woman on the planet.  

Before we begin, I will state that the health of the masculine is of absolute importance as well.

Healthy women deserve and need healthy men in this world.

There is no question about this.

If a woman is experiencing the unfortunate side effects of an unhealthy man, side effects like abuse or neglect for instance, then her life will in some way suffer because of it.

On the other hand, when a man comes to a relationship fully healthy, happy and empowered so many wonderfully beautiful experiences can result.

So clearly healthy men are very important.

It may seem like a ‘chicken or the egg’ comparison but as you’ll soon see it is not.

Without the strong, empowered and healthy woman, the man would be amiss before even coming into our world. 


Happy Pregnant Woman

Which brings us to the first, and most immediately apparent, reason: the act of creating a child in utero.

the act of creating a child in utero.

The process of fetal development, for better or worse, is completely dependent upon the health of the woman.

Everyone in our world today has a woman to thank for the body they live through. 

A healthy child is the diamond in every woman’s heart, the crown jewel of her incredible incubation and self-sacrifice during the tenure of her pregnancy.

Celebrating a new and healthy life coming into our world is one of the most cherished moments any woman ever has the pleasure of experiencing. 

However, the challenges of growing an infant that arise when a woman is unhealthy are manifold.

And in today’s complex world it is vitally important to become hyper-vigilant in our approach to healthy living or our children face the potentially devastating circumstances of an unhealthy introduction to our world.

So many things can occur to the unborn fetus, many of which we see all the time.

In the world today, we witness everything from slight deficiencies in the various nutritional requirements needed to grow an infant to the untimely death and miscarriage of the fetus.

These problems are often completely avoidable.

Being at peak health is the best way to avoid these unfortunate and debilitating circumstances related to an unhealthy childbearing woman.

It is through the caring and nurturing of women’s health that we can help to bring the healthiest and strongest infants into our world.


Woman and Child Outdoors

The second reason, and perhaps most important, is the nurture of the infant, child and even adult.

This nurture is a full spectrum campaign that covers the whole gamut of the infant’s needs.

The breast milk that nourishes the physical body, the love that nourishes the emotional body, the intelligence that nourishes the young developing mind, and the spirit that connects the young infant to the community of our planet are all part of the upbringing of a healthy child.

This is a child that will one day be part of the ever-growing community of people on our planet and will be uniquely responsible for his or her contribution to co-creating Heaven on Earth.

This is not to be confused with a religious connotation.

It is simply referring to the deepest wish of every heart on the planet, whether we realize it or not, that we all find our respective place within the dreams we hold dear and true.

We are all responsible for contributing our fair share within this co-creation and having a healthy upbringing from a healthy mother is one of surest ways to set off on the journey of lifelong interdependent success. 

This is where everything becomes very important.

If the mother is unhealthy, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, she may pass on many of these traits to the young and developing child.

Many of the most common problems we face in our world are almost entirely related to attitudes and world views we encountered in the early years in our lives.

For better or worse, these attitudes become creed and we live through them, often unquestionably, throughout the entire tenure of our lives.

As a global culture, making sure that we take every opportunity we can to ensure our women are treated with the highest respect and adoration we are capable of is the first step in global health.

Without the healthy woman, we are forever at a loss when it comes to creating healthy, happy and empowered populations around the world. 

This covers both nature and nurture.

The woman is responsible for both of these aspects for the vast majority of early development from fertilization through to childhood, and often beyond into adulthood.

Ideally, the mother figure would be revered and respected as the matriarch throughout the tenure of the entire lifespan of her child.

Her wisdom and love can be a powerful support through many of life’s twists and turns and holding her in this regard is simply the act of returning the favor she gave us.

We then have an opportunity to nurture her.

We can be her lifelong friend and cherished confidant for all manner of things in this life, just as she has been to us. 


Woman Walking in the Park

The third and most personal reason is that every woman on the planet simply deserves to be healthy and happy throughout this life.

This may not at first seem as imperative as the previous two reasons, but it may just be the most important of all.

Imagine for a moment that every woman in the world is fully happy, healthy and empowered.

This means that every daughter, girl, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, cousin, mother-in-law, god-mother, etc., are all living up to their highest potential.

It is truly astonishing to think about what would happen in just one generation of healthy and empowered women on this planet.

Imagine every woman treating herself and others with the depth of character we only now associate with the rare figureheads we see representing women today.

A planet full of truly empowered, wise and charismatic women would be capable of changing the world in ways that would make our vision of heaven pale by comparison. 


This is what brings us to another important question.

How can we make a shift into being as healthful as we possibly can?

The body is an incredible thing and it responds to everything we do to nurture it or destroy it.

Getting to the root of our health challenges can be quite daunting.

It’s when we look at the whole picture that things can become a bit more clear.

I have found that when focusing on hormone health we can actually encompass nearly the entire gamut of potential health concerns.

The reason is that hormone health is very delicate and when used as a baseline model we can greatly improve every single area of our health and wellness very quickly. 

Men and women alike, taking care of hormone health is a great baseline because it makes us look into every area of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.

Just small tweaks to certain ways we act, eat, think, move, speak, and even breathe can have huge shifts in the way our body interacts with itself.

These shifts can be incredibly profound resulting in lifelong barriers to health and wellness being removed in what seems like only a moment of effort. 

Are you suffering from low sex drive, embarrassing odors, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, inflammation, memory loss, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, isolation, unusual pain, heavy cramping and menstruation, headaches, obesity, skin conditions, sleep problems or low energy?

Well, if so, it’s very likely you are already in the midst of hormone challenges. 

Let’s get to the root of hormone challenges once and for all.

Every woman deserves to experience the full power of her birthright.

It’s time to finally feel like the sexy, happy and healthy woman you are meant to experience. 

This is the reason why we have dedicated our resources to creating a brand new handbook to help navigate the challenging territory we all face when dealing with women’s hormone health. 

Here’s to your highest health and best self.



*There are many people in the world who are not living a ‘traditional’ male-female partnership. There are many same-sex couples and single parents that are raising children. The term ‘mother’ in this case needs to be broadened to include the health of parent(s) responsible for nurturing and raising the child. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of the parent(s) is thus required to ensure the developing infant/child is given the best chance at a successful and healthful upbringing. This article will continue to address the health of the woman. After all, regardless of the post-birth circumstances, the woman is still responsible for bearing and birthing the children of our world. 



Golden Goose

The luster of the glistening glow of gold has for millennia caught the eye of nearly every culture the world over.

From its use as jewelry to the basis of monetary economies gold has been a cornerstone feature of the cultural landscape of every nation on the planet.

Many people have given their entire lives to the search and acquisition of gold and all of the bounty that comes with it.

We have associated gold with riches, power and adoration and many have come to answer the call to action accumulate and distribute its grand promise of royal bounty. 

As mentioned above, gold and its acquisition has for a long time been the focus of the economic backbone of many cultures.

People have subjected themselves to all sorts of dire conditions to get their hands on this majestic metal.

The culture surrounding gold has been one of coveted fortune, environmental sacrifice, economic entanglement, social status and more.

This has led to a certain type of blindness that has clouded our cultural perspective on what is important for our survival.

Due to the fact that nearly everything in our ‘modern’ culture is acquired by means of currency exchange (originally rooted in gold before the privately owned fiat currency systems of today were established) we have all but forgotten the true roots of wealth, happiness, strength and economic viability. 

This point is made most clearly by addressing our need to eat.

We can’t eat gold.

We can’t plant gold.

We can’t use gold as a planting medium.

Sure, it holds great properties of electrical conductivity and it never decays or rusts.

Yet, we can’t make a shovel out of it because it’s too soft.

And good luck sustaining your afternoon hunger pangs with a delicious gold-coated-wire salad.

It’s really hard to find the logical reason why we’ve become so enmeshed in the search and acquisition of monetary wealth…

Especially considering that the most valuable substance on Earth is right under our feet. 

Much like the story of the golden goose, humanity has been slowly killing the goose that lays the golden egg rather than just letting the natural process of its life produce value throughout its entire life.

Which brings us to the goose itself…


Plant and Soil

This is where the wondrous world of soils comes in.

Soil is a living breathing entity just like any other organism on the planet.

Soil is a collective.

There are more organisms in a tablespoon of soil than there are humans on the planet.

It is precisely this bio-web that we rely on for nutrient dense foods, lush flowering gardens, and fruitful towering forests.

Without this biomass in a healthy condition, we will be forever at a loss and will die off like all the other nations that destroyed the life-web around them.

Some historians even suggest that the primary reason for the fall of ancient cultures like Egypt were due to the destruction of the biome.

This destruction starts and ends with the soils and the forest ecosystems they support.

Just the simple act of cutting down one single tree can have a dramatic and negative effect on the surrounding ecosystem.

Without the whole system intact, we are incapable of producing the nutrient dense foods we require to survive.

Once soil is rendered infertile there is little to no chance of the ecosystem surviving. This includes humans as well.

I’ve heard many people say things like we can just rely on greenhouses and fertilizers and technology to provide us with our foods.

This could work temporarily if done correctly but it still misses a critical point.

Our soils are required for more than just the production of human food.

These soils are responsible for housing the vast majority of life on Earth.

There is vastly more life below the surface of the Earth than above the surface.

And life above the surface is directly impacted by the health of the soils.

It’s actually quite bothersome that unless people are personally and immediately affected by something they just ignore it or find it unimportant.

Soil has been treated precisely this way due to our misunderstanding of the life-web. 

Surely you’ve heard of probiotics.

Well, guess where the bacterial cultures for them came from…

That’s right, soil.

Microbiology are the true kings of our planet.

They are the ones who through their painstaking efforts co-create everything we love and appreciate, including our bodies.

Soil is the home of the microbiome and if it is not treated carefully these sensitive creatures can be eliminated resulting in conditions that at best create infertile environments and at worst cause the desertification of our planet.

That’s right…

Deserts are the result of deforestation and soil degradation.

The opposite is true as well.

When we go into the desert and begin the process of nurturing the landscape to create healthy infant soils, the whole place can begin the process of reforesting, even after thousands of years of desert.

That’s how powerful healthy soils are.

In essence, there is no amount of gold that can replace the value of our soils.

Once we damage and destroy our forests and soils we are forever at a loss.

It can take thousands of years to reinstate an old-growth forest once destroyed, if even at all.

Until we come to the understanding that soil is infinitely more valuable than gold (and monetary wealth in general) we are faced with a fate unlike any we’ve seen before. 


Check out this short documentary on called ‘Greening the Desert’ by the world-renowned permaculture expert Geoff Lawton.

Greening the Desert [37:08]

This is a truly astonishing example the value of soils and how powerful our input can actually be.

Here’s to your highest health and your best self










The lives we live are often so full of activity that looking at the wondrous world of soil just beneath our feet is often the last thing on our minds.

If we pause for only a moment and begin to look at what this incredibly important and diverse layer of our planet is doing we quickly become drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue that would make even the best screenwriters in Hollywood sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Humus, the layer of organic material just under our feet in a healthy landscape, is the most diverse biological mass known to science.

It is specifically because of this level of diversity that it plays a role as the cradle of everything we hold dear and true in the natural world.

The complexity of the forest alone is unable to exist as we know it when this layer is either missing or damaged through the ignorance and abuse of modern agriculture, forestry and gardening practices. 

French agronomist engineer Claude Bourguignon has reported extensively on the importance of this vital layer of the Earth.

He covers the effects of the loss of this layer throughout the European continent in the 20th century and how the degeneration of humus, microbiology and vermiculture is responsible for many of our modern day health problems.

He presents the question, ‘Where is the world heading,’ if we continue this trend toward soil destruction.

Part 1 of 2 (14:28)

Part 2 of 2 (1:23)

With so much of our health relying on the healthy and truly diverse soil-scapes, we are at a critical turning point in our attitude toward this foundational biomass.

It can be clearly seen in the video above that we are able to totally destroy ourselves through the simple act of destroying our global soils.

However, we are also able to completely change the face of our understanding our place on this planet by caring for our soils with the same level of devotion we would care for our nearest and dearest people in our lives.  

Although the term ‘care’ can be interpreted in many ways, the use of the term here is referencing a total devotion to encouraging and increasing the absolute and highest health of the soiled biomass just under our feet.

It only takes a subtle shift in our attention to who and what we are as a small, yet critical, part in the curation and care of the world we live in.

We are stewards of this grandiose planetary Ark we call Earth. 

Funny isn’t it?

We have named this planet, Earth.

What is earth?

Well, simply put, Earth is earth: a biomass that includes the subtle, vital and extraordinary skin we call soil.

Without healthy soil, the other layers of earth are no longer able to produce organic life.

Without organic life, we are all at a loss.

After all, we are organisms just like any other.

We need to be careful to embrace our role here as stewards of this Great Planet.

Are you ready for the shift?

Put your hands on some soil and begin the journey of perpetual peacefulness inherent in loving your planet again. 

Here’s to your highest health and your best self.












Our current way of thinking about gardening requires painstaking effort.

We have to plan the lot, till the soil, plant and protect the seeds, gate off from animals, weed out unwanted plants, water, shade, the sun, etc., etc.

There is a great deal of work in this and can be very taxing on the new gardener.

It is little wonder why so many people in our neighborhoods avoid too much gardening, opting rather for the low-cut mono-grassing that is so prevalent in our culture.


Even this approach is more annoying than pleasurable.

It’s a rare person that actually loves to go out and drag the lawn mower around to cut the grass, then weed the lawn, then water the lawn, the clean everything up, only to do it all over again in a week or two.

It’s quite fascinating to see how we are so easily corrupting our understanding of what our ecosystems are and what they require to thrive.

It’s remarkable that we can even be tricked out of our natural birthright.

Unfortunately, without a thriving ecosystem, human thriving is out of the picture altogether.

What, then, do we do? How do we encourage people to engage with the natural world – this includes the front yard – in such a way as to honor the ‘house rules’ we’ve all but forgotten?

That’s right; there are rules to the conduct we engage in when it comes to interacting with the living things of the world.

The grass is a living thing that requires a certain level of care and attention, not mowing and weeding if it is going to perform its duty as a part of the greater system.

The plants we consider weeds are actually often acting as a band-aid to the scathing wounds we create, like mowing and tilling, when we don’t apply the house rules.

Before we get into the house rules, however, let’s just take a look at what is going on in our soils…

…the place where everything is really happening.


The most important element behind everything we know to be a great garden is the quality of the soil.

The soil is not just ‘dirt.’

It’s not just ‘the ground.’

And it’s certainly not inert.

‘Soil’ is the collective term used to describe the multifaceted network of countless forms of life and myriad processes going on at the base of our natural world.

Soil needs to be teeming with life in order to be of any value to the bacteria, fungus, virus, worms, insects, plants and animals that rely on it for sustenance on every level.

In today’s culture, even among serious gardeners, there is often little regard invested into understanding the nuances of a truly living soil.

So many people have been conditioned to believe in the various practices that are at the root of soil degeneration.

Even just a brief discussion with many renowned gardeners on the topic is enough to spark contentious debate.

After all, why would people change the way they approach soil as simply a growing medium and begin looking at it with the same reverence as you would your most cherished friend?

Why would changing years of habits – habits that have often produced wondrous gardens to the eye – be something even worth considering?

The answer is simple: systemic health.

Yours and the worlds’…


The subtle nuances of the soil are manifold and only become known to those who become obsessed with its care.

It is through, and from, this mysterious medium that everything we know and love comes to be.

With the proper care and attention, we can create a veritable ‘heaven’ for the life that relies on the health of the soil.

An untouched soil connects to the entire garden.

There is a fungal layer that connects the whole garden together in an intimate communication grid that carries the utmost importance to ensure the inclusion of nutrient density, immune functions, and diversity of life in the backyard.

This fungal layer, known as the mycorrhizal network, is responsible for so many duties and processes that to ignore it, and worse, destroy it, is akin to pretending we don’t have a neurological system and thus lobotomizing people at birth to create quiet babies – of course, an ultimately insane practice.

The reason so many diseases can get to crops is that this layer has been cut off.

Many of the insect infestations we now see regularly are directly related to this layer being disturbed or destroyed.

The nutrient density of the plants is directly linked to this layer functioning well.

Therefore without this layer, even the people who eat from these gardens, or consume the animals that feed there, are going to be left short of vital nutrients that would otherwise be abundant with this layer intact.

The challenge we face today is that everyone often opts into tilling and turning the soil.

This is a practice that cannot be further from what is needed.

There is absolutely no requirement to till the soil once we begin to understand the nuances of healthy soils and the way they operate within the larger whole of a yard, a garden, a forest, or an entire continent.

Tilling and turning happens naturally with the roots of plants channeling through soils and with animals that scrape at the surface like birds and grazing animals, So many people have become fixated on the idea of mono-cropping, weeding, tilling, and fertilizing that it’s hard to break out of that mold.

The problem is, all of these processes destroy the mycorrhizal network and cut off the garden from the rest of the world.

This layer takes years to grow back and with the constant tilling its likely to be left out of the garden for good leaving plants permanently disabled and disconnected from their world.


It is very strange to think of a garden this way.

For many people, gardens are just a pleasant looking afterthought, a chore even, so the neighbors think your yard looks beautiful. For others, it’s a place to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature and everything it has to provide.

In any situation we come across the principles are the same.

Regardless of whether you are a casual flower gardener or a forest conservationist, observing and applying these core principles is a must for a healthy and functioning ecosystem.

Above it was suggested that soil is a collective.

Around the year 1800, science gave this soil a name – humus.

The single most biodiverse substance known to science is humus because it’s the collective biomass of the many mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, microbes, protozoa, minerals, insects and animals as well as the even vaster array of intimate processes happening among them.

If it’s looked at objectively, the humus layer of the earth is very much like an organ.

Our skin, when allowed to be naturalized, is very similar to this kind of layering.

It’s so close to what humus looks like that it can be easy to take the leap and suggest that humus is the skin of the planet – skin that has feeling and responsiveness and a purpose beyond any one isolated substance or event.


Here’s where we get into one of the house rules, ‘do nothing.’

It is a bit of a paradox of course because you are still going to collect seeds, create seed balls, harvest when ready, and have a hand in design to a degree.

Do nothing is referencing a way of life that lets nature have more of a hand in how things go in the garden space.

You are allowing life to use the already natural processes and procedures inherent in Earth’s operating system, so to speak.

Do nothing is referring to giving the soil the opportunity to be unscathed by tilling, turning, chemicals, fertilizers, and transplants by adopting the many methods learned when observing how nature gardens without human intervention.

So how do we garden with a philosophy that is so far from what we conditioned to using?

It’s all about the long game.

The first few years can be simple flower beds seeded with native grasses and wildflowers.

At the end of each season, collect the seed and then just cut the plant and lay it on the ground where it falls.

Flower beds like this allow for a great base of nitrogen-fixing green manure to build up a layer of protection for the soil itself and create a source of nutrition for the plants subsequently growing there.

After this stage, lasting 2-3 seasons, a more selective arrangement can begin.

If you love a particular plant, create a bunch of clay seed balls packed with your payload and spread them around the area of choice throughout the year.

They will begin to sprout season to season at perfect intervals balanced to what the soil can handle with full health.

After a few years, you will have an area that is well suited for that particular plant group.

This approach works even better when introducing companion planting.

Consider using various plant heights, maturity, colors, species and bloom cycles when creating seed balls.

Done this way, a veritable heavenly oasis that all of the life in the garden can appreciate and inhabit will be the result.


Again, another cool result of applying this philosophy of gardening is the optimized personal health and wellness that arises.

It’s surprising just how quickly the body reacts positively to being in a naturalized ecosystem.

When we are no longer the hyper-sanitized, mono-cropped, ‘weed’-free, insectophobes that most urban cultures promote we become naturalized and full of life.

We become a true human again.

Welcome to your birthright.

Try it for yourself for a few years.

You’ll be very pleased with the resulting diversity and overall yield – yields of animals, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains, wood, etc. (consumable crop as well as areas allotted to nature) – of your naturalized garden space.

Here’s to your highest health and your best self.



Did Someone Just Crack the Code of Aging?

Scientists at a private company say they have completed the first successful gene therapy against aging. How is that for a claim! The CEO of BioViva Sciences, acting as the proverbial guinea pig, asserts she is the first person in history to demonstrate a reversal of natural aging using an experimental gene therapy technique developed by her company. The claim has yet to be peer reviewed, but it’s exciting nonetheless, because if it’s verified, it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

The marker they are using for aging is telomere shortening. Telomeres naturally shorten as we age, and after a predetermined amount of replications known as the Hayflick Limit, they lose their ability to complete the process of DNA replication which leads to cellular malfunctioning and dormancy, (senescence) and eventually cellular death, (apoptosis). Telomere length was measured before and after the proprietary gene therapy in white blood cells (T-lymphocytes). Compared against the average telomere length in white blood cells within the same age range as the CEO (44 years old), the company claims that the treatment, reputed to be safe, showed that it reversed 20 years of telomere shortening. Read the article HERE. And find out more about telomeres HERE and gene therapy HERE. This is promising indeed. Time for me to test my own telomere length using this test HERE.

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove

Scientists Capture Zinc Fireworks at Moment of Conception

What incredible times we are living in! For the first time in human history, as far as we know, scientists have been able to capture video footage of what happens the moment a sperm and egg unite and it is nothing short of incredible. Once again proving that we are light beings first and foremost, according to research by Northwestern University School of Medicine, “a stunning explosion of zinc fireworks occurs when a human egg is activated by a sperm enzyme, and the size of these sparks is a direct measure of the quality of the egg and its ability to develop into an embryo.”

Watch this video and you will see that some eggs produce much more light than others, akin to when you plant seeds, some come up faster and hardier. This could be because of the quality of the sperm, the egg, or both. Now, scientists will be able to apply this new discovery for in vitro fertilization, selecting the brightest flashing embryo to ensure the healthiest, most genetically superior baby possible. No doubt this will be controversial as this same discovery can be applied to creating the perfect totipotent stem cells. Looks like there literally is light at the end of the tunnel! Pun intended. Read the Northwestern University study HERE.

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove

The Fast Way to a New Health Revolution

Have you hopped on the cleansing train? Now it may be time to pick up speed and go fast.

Fasting on liquids or nothing at all may be the best cleanse there is, and it’s a lot safer and easier than people think.

From Moses to Hippocrates to Jimmy Kimmel, fasting is making a comeback.

Nutritional dogma is challenged with clear evidence of the paramount health benefits of fasting and the surmounting evidence of its contribution to longevity. The latest research sheds new light on calorie restriction, discipline and over eating, and how this hot topic is not welcomed by big pharma and the medical community that endorse eating three meals a day and drugs for conditions the body can heal itself. In the ancient yogic texts it clearly states, a yogi eats once a day, a healthy normal person eats twice a day, a sick person eats three meals a day, and a crazy person eats all day.

In the Ukraine, a doctor discovered a way to remediate radiation from Chernobyl victims with strict dry fasting, where one goes without food or water for 3-9 days.

People are also concerned with having less and less growth hormone as they age, but a few days of fasting has been shown to restore that, and make you feel young and strong.

Discover the latest research on fasting in this excellent piece from the New York Times.

Author: Vic Love, www.Fb.com/Vityalove

Is Your Thyroid On?

Thyroid imbalances affect millions of people. Some people have too little thyroid hormone, while others have too much. While thyroid issues have been well understood in terms of symptoms and treatments for some time, the way that the gland itself turns on (i.e. releases hormone) has been a mystery.

If your thyroid is under- or overactive, you may experience symptoms like weight gain or loss, mood changes, infertility or sleep issues.

Recently, a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry revealed the answer to the question, “what turns the thyroid on?”. To learn more about this fascinating discovery, check out the Science Daily article, here.

If you suspect that you may have a thyroid imbalance, it may be caused by cortisol, a stress hormone. You can find out if your cortisol levels are normal by doing a simple saliva test. If you do have an issue with your cortisol levels, you should talk to your doctor about having your thyroid tested.

There are natural ways to support your thyroid, especially through your diet. In some cases medication may be necessary, but by catching any issues early, you may be able to avoid that potential outcome.

Find out if cortisol is causing your weight, sleep or mood issues.

Gut Bacteria are Shaking Up Cancer Research

Big Pharma is starting to recognize the role of our gut bacteria as the body’s ally in preventing and treating cancer. They have found that the microbiome has an innate intelligence that actually helps our immune systems. Considering we have more bacteria in our bodies than any other kinds of cells, this is good news! Read about the research into creating cancer immunotherapies made from certain strains of bacteria.


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