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Did Someone Just Crack the Code of Aging?

Scientists at a private company say they have completed the first successful gene therapy against aging. How is that for a claim! The CEO of BioViva Sciences, acting as the proverbial guinea pig, asserts she is the first person in history to demonstrate a reversal of natural aging using an experimental gene therapy technique developed by her company. The claim has yet to be peer reviewed, but it’s exciting nonetheless, because if it’s verified, it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

The marker they are using for aging is telomere shortening. Telomeres naturally shorten as we age, and after a predetermined amount of replications known as the Hayflick Limit, they lose their ability to complete the process of DNA replication which leads to cellular malfunctioning and dormancy, (senescence) and eventually cellular death, (apoptosis). Telomere length was measured before and after the proprietary gene therapy in white blood cells (T-lymphocytes). Compared against the average telomere length in white blood cells within the same age range as the CEO (44 years old), the company claims that the treatment, reputed to be safe, showed that it reversed 20 years of telomere shortening. Read the article HERE. And find out more about telomeres HERE and gene therapy HERE. This is promising indeed. Time for me to test my own telomere length using this test HERE.

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Scientists Capture Zinc Fireworks at Moment of Conception

What incredible times we are living in! For the first time in human history, as far as we know, scientists have been able to capture video footage of what happens the moment a sperm and egg unite and it is nothing short of incredible. Once again proving that we are light beings first and foremost, according to research by Northwestern University School of Medicine, “a stunning explosion of zinc fireworks occurs when a human egg is activated by a sperm enzyme, and the size of these sparks is a direct measure of the quality of the egg and its ability to develop into an embryo.”

Watch this video and you will see that some eggs produce much more light than others, akin to when you plant seeds, some come up faster and hardier. This could be because of the quality of the sperm, the egg, or both. Now, scientists will be able to apply this new discovery for in vitro fertilization, selecting the brightest flashing embryo to ensure the healthiest, most genetically superior baby possible. No doubt this will be controversial as this same discovery can be applied to creating the perfect totipotent stem cells. Looks like there literally is light at the end of the tunnel! Pun intended. Read the Northwestern University study HERE.

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The Common Kitchen Ingredient That Fights Cancer

This one common kitchen ingredient is being used as a treatment for cancer, especially cancer of the breast.

What is that ingredient?  Its called D-limonene, one of two limonene molecules that is found in lemons, orange peel and other foods.  

Limonene is a unique hydrocarbon molecule called a terpene which gives citrus its familiar aroma. However, the limonene molecule in orange peel has a different structure than the limonene in lemon peel, thus the different smells.

There are many terpenes, so get to know that word because you are going to hear a lot more about them as the world wakes up to the exalted healing power of enzyme rich, plant based, whole food “medicine” sun kissed by nature versus lab engineered enzymatically dead pills made with petrochemicals, and stamped safe for consumption by a desk dweller in latex gloves and a lab coat spending his days under fluorescent lights.  

Trust Nature First

Trust nature first, everything made by man, be afraid, very afraid.  Remember, nature does not want to profit from your pain, but the medical establishment can’t care less about you if you can’t pay up. Nature is magnanimous, it has all the medicine you need ripe for the picking and only asks that you plant its seed in return.

Two glasses of pulp-in lemonade, i.e., Mediterranean style, gives one about half a gram of D-Limonene, which is considered an active dose. I make a delicious lemon-lime-phytoplankton bicarb beverage that cleanses, repairs and energizes in a non-stimulatory way. It is a much more sustainable way to start your morning than coffee which is a very acidifying beverage.  

The recipe video is here.  Also listen to our podcast describing what makes Bicarb shots so essential for all of us.

Limonene is converted in the body into two terpenes called carveol and carvone. Nature’s best source of these is the essential oil of spearmint. These terpenes are also used against breast cancer.

Limonene has also been investigated by scientists as a natural heartburn remedy. And that’s for good reason. Consuming them restores pH balance donating more spare electrons than just about any food. What that means is that lemons are the most alkalizing fruit there is. Its also been proven to help repair the liver as found in another clinical study. You should be convinced by now that lemons, limes, and the rest of the citrus family is an incredible gift of nature to our species.

As a scientist and anti-aging researcher, I like to do my own studies on the healing benefits of different foods, so I have all kinds of meters and testing equipment. One of the devices in my lab is a fun little bio-energy meter that tests the life force of substances. I tested every fruit and supplement I could, and to my pleasant surprise, lemons had more life force than anything else I tested, and amazingly enough, even a lemon that had been sitting for over two weeks in my fruit bowl still tested exceptionally high. How many other fruits do you know that are self-preserving?

Pro Tip

Here’s a simple explanation as to why some fruit molds and rots and some dries out and self preserves. It has to do with the Brix level, which tests for amount of sugar in an aqueous solution. But it’s more than sugar, it’s really a combination of monosaccharide and some disaccharide content which is directly proportional to how mineral rich the soil is.  If the tree was well nourished, the fruit or vegetable will have lots of minerals and sugars, and the Brix will be high, and then if you leave that fruit out for many weeks it will dry out and be self-preserved. If your food molds and rots when it sits out, organic or not, that’s just a clue that it was not grown with enough minerals in the soil. Look at fresh dates, figs and grapes for example, their Brix score is naturally high, so that is why raisins and dried dates and figs are so popular. They are easy to dry and preserve.

Black Cumin oil was up there as well which is interesting because it is full of terpenes including D-limonene. No wonder, because in India, they don’t eat lemons much, but they eat lots and lots of black cumin seeds which are famously revered by the ancient culture as a cure for everything but death. Incidentally, another compound in Black Cumin seeds called thymoquinone is being clinically investigated for breast cancer as well as colon cancer. In fact, the database of the US National Library of Medicine has over 600 peer reviewed studies on black cumin seeds.  Black cumin seeds also treat another major condition that is very hard to cure, namely Helicobacter. Pylori, (H. Pylori), which is a bacterial infection in the stomach that is very antibiotic resistant; but not nature’s antibiotic,  high in potentially cancer fighting essential terpenes.

Super Healing Recipe

I like to add a topping of Panaseeda Black Cumin Oil, fresh lime juice with pulp, a little raw unfiltered tree honey, (always try and buy local) as honey has been shown to act as a potentizer of the effects of black cumin seeds, and Celtic sea salt with a little “creme fraiche” on top of my baked sweet potato, quinoa or wild rice dish. It’s nutritious, delicious, and auspicious.

Limonene is also a big go-to ingredient in cosmetics for a trifecta of benefits. First, for the fragrance, second for its antibacterial properties, and last as a preservative. Next time you read the ingredients on your skin moisturizer, you’ll probably see Limonene.

Next time you use citrus in your recipes, don’t throw away that peel. If its a green drink you are making, as part of a preventative health insurance policy, put in the whole lemon, or at least half of one with the skin on. If you are eating oranges, save the rind and dry it in a dehydrator or the sun and then use that in your smoothie.  Use lemon and lime rind, zest and pith creatively. Most importantly, do not throw it away. Make it part of your diet.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I’ll take a tall glass of fresh squeezed O.J., Mediterranean style, with a fresh sprig of spearmint. And now let’s make a toast; here’s a toast to great health and longevity!

Common Sources of Limonene

  • Lemons, especially the rind is the highest
  • Oranges, mandarins, tangerines, limes, grapefruit
  • Cardamon


Author: Vic Love,


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How to Run Longer and Faster

If you are a good runner, I can help you become great. If you are just starting out on a daily jog routine, then let me tell you a little about running.

I teach people how to be their absolute best, empowering them with knowledge that I hope will translate into wisdom.  I’ve mostly had to be my own teacher in life, listening to myself first and everyone else second.  When it comes to health, I am qualified to be your guide, because I have successfully treated and healed myself. Ancient Yogic texts say that one should not attempt to teach something to someone unless he has mastered it himself.  What does this have to do with running?

At 17 years of age my best time in the mile was 8:15, and in my 30’s, I was running 5 minute miles.  What happened in between was I learned how to optimize my body. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. As a teenager I had ADD/ADHD, I was lethargic, late to develop, vaccine and mercury poisoned, with scoliosis and lordosis so severe from a leg length discrepancy that a doctor predicted I would have to have discs fused by the time I hit 30.  At 30 I ran the Chicago Marathon in great shape. Thanks Mr. medical doctor, but no thanks.

In my early 30’s, after I fixed most of the chronic health issues I had before I became conscious, a typical day off for me would be a 5-10 mile trail run, a 1-2 mile ocean swim and a 50-75 mile bike ride, sometimes all on the same day.  This was my meditation.  On the trail when you are barreling downhill, jumping from rock to rock with a heavy backpack, there is no room for error, it is akin to being a race car driver, you push your machine to the limits, go so fast that if you crash you’ll probably have to be carried away.  It’s a calculated risk, and its taken for the benefit of experiencing the bliss achieved through stillness within movement, the rush of total awareness as time slows down and you become one with the act of running, biking, swimming, skating, whatever pushes you to the limits so far that you are forced to expand your center of gravity to regain balance. And that is called growth. This must be achieved lovingly, with respect for the limits of the body, and in a state of calm and peace, although you are testing your limits, you should still be in a parasympathetic state.  The ancient yogic texts advise that one should never be out of breath, that to get to push yourself so hard that you have to catch your breath is actually counterproductive and will shorten the lifespan. One’s breath should always be deep, silent, and under control.  We must build our endurance slowly for lasting benefit, not push ourselves so hard that we invite injury.

Injuries happen because most people are way too goal oriented and I think this is unhealthy and only re-enforces patriarchal values, giving no credence to balance between universal male and female polarities.  In an egalitarian society, one that I create in my own reality, we are not so interested in pursuing goals as much as finding balance. All effort is directed within.

Once balance and equanimity is achieved then one can push their limits, as they should, and expand into attaining goals effortlessly with awareness of how everything interrelates. Now you are free of the patriarchal dogma of the belief that one has to sacrifice something in order to get something else. This is why so many goal oriented people drop dead before their time, the power or money or fame they wanted so bad was manifest at a great sacrifice of mental, spiritual, and physical health. But that’s old school, new school is you can have it all, but only if you understand what it all means, and how it all fits together. I believe in free will, I just don’t think its free, one has to work for it.

The meditation of long distance running is as great practice for growing both mentally and spiritually. You are alone with yourself, experiencing the subtle wonders and limits wonders of your divinely engineered machine, you are at one with breath, and in the present moment.  

Olympic rules dictate the difference between walking and running is that in walking one foot always touches the ground, but in running, you spend more time in the air than on the ground, and at some point, when the body is conditioned enough, it becomes like floating, a sensation of stillness within motion. Once you get here you will feel the universal energy that animates all life pulling you forward as you run. You are no longer the one in control, nature is. The metronome of your breath sets a repetitive pace that puts you in a relaxed high alpha brain state on top of a low theta wave, which is a meditative dream state in which everything is new and nothing is judged. That still point between the inhale and exhale, focus on it, get to know it, because that is the zero point upon which all creation pivots.

But how do you get to this elite running prowess and supreme meditation? I’ll give you five of my tricks. They are unorthodox and unconventional, but they work.

  1. I learned this one from Walter Payton, the greatest running back that ever lived. I mimicked his technique of running. He used to kick out his legs and it appears almost as if you are running straight legged without bending your knees. He did this so as to confuse the defence as to his trajectory. I noticed when I run like this I’m in the air longer my strides are longer and it takes a lot less effort. The important detail is to kick those shins out, get those knees totally straight before you bend them again. Now you have a full range of motion, and no risk of foreshortening your hamstrings. The landing is also different. Instead of hitting with the heel and rolling off from the toes, its land with the heel softly, silently, and launch off immediately from the ball of the foot. The trick is to constantly try and increase your stride.
  2. Run barefoot on sand if you have a choice. So many runners I see are destroying their knees running on pavement next to the beach. This is ridiculous!  Ditch the kicks and go barefoot. This will strengthen your knees, ankles and your heart better than running in shoes on pavement. Save that for race time.
  3. Keep your core engaged. Change your belief system from thinking that you are pushing yourself forward when you run to feeling that you are actually being pulled. If you know how a sailboat works you’ll know that the wind is not pushing the sail, but rather pulling it. A wing of a plane is the same, whereas a sail being vertical creates lift as a forward motion, a wing is pulled and lifted to create vertical motion.  Imagine you are that sail or wing.  Imagine there is an invisible cord attached to your solar plexus, the third chakra or Manipura in Sanskrit, the power center that governs self-esteem and transformation, and gives the warrior inside you wings. When you ask the universe to pull you forward, you have to push a little at first, but once you are up and running you are magnetized by your projected desire and you move forward effortlessly at a nice clip all day if you have to, like the Mayan runners of old, running a hundred miles nonstop on a few cacao beans.
  4. Wear breathable clothes when you run, organic is preferred. Avoid synthetics that don’t breathe and force the body to reabsorb what your body is trying to expel. Read my article on The Dangers of Yoga Pants to understand further the significance of what you wear when you exercise.
  5. Stretch while you run. You can actually loosen yourself up versus creating tension when you run, and I’m amazed I don’t see more runners stretching while they run. Change it up, your warm up should include many different stretches while you are running. Kick out like I already told you, feel the lengthening, and then kick up, let your heels hit your butt cheeks for the counter stretch, expand then compress and expand again. Stretch your arms. Stretch them straight, down, out, above.  There’s no need to look like T. Rex when you run all the time. Keep your arms active and loosen your neck and shoulders; keep your body free and light. Clear any energetic blockages before you run with yoga and stretching.

Walt Whitman said: “If anything is sacred the human body is sacred.” So true! And what better way to experience the sacredness of your mortal coil than through rhythmic functional movement in time.

Author: Vic Love,

We Are All Loving By Nature

You might be a goody two-shoes and there’s nothing you can do about it, or you might be a grumpy grouch hating your way through life, and the good news is there is something you can do about it!

A new study asserts that people are born altruistic, perhaps quashing the age old argument of nature vs. nurture.  

Altruistic is defined as the belief or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Hello. This is huge!  How many people do you know that genuinely get a boost from doing good for others without any interest in getting something out of it themselves?  I know a few, but not enough.  Maybe there’s a way to awaken that bodhisattva gene in you, or maybe it’s not a gene at all but a special chemical and physiological condition of the brain.  I’ve studied the brain and behavior for many years and my work with oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin triggers suggests that neurotransmitters regulate our mood and behaviour in a feedback loop of constant sensory information that is framed in context to the state one is in, i.e., parasympathetic vs. sympathetic.  Some scientists at UCLA have confirmed it.

According to a UCLA neuroscience study, non-invasively dampening certain parts of the pre-frontal cortex disconnected people from their learned selfish and self centered behavior and made them more empathic and prosocial.  

So, if you’re generous to a fault, just know it’s not your fault.  

Read the study here.

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Easy Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox

Cilantro, I love you!

Basil, please don’t be jealous, I’ll sing your praises another day, but today Cilantro, aka Coriander you are in the spotlight.

And this is because the seed has an ability unlike just about anything else out there to bind and pull mercury and other toxic heavy metals from the brain, intercellular spaces and the nucleuses of cells. Mercury poisoning is one of the most serious risks to our health.

Our external and internal environments are under severe mercury stress.  The body manages it by locking it away in tissues.  The body does not try and metabolize mercury and other heavy metals because that could spell death. .  Locked up in the body, mercury manages to wreak havoc on our most intimate cellular processes.  In the brain, mercury erodes entire networks of neurons by stealing receptor sites.  The myelin sheath, which is a like a warm and fuzzy cashmere sweater for your delicate neurons gets eroded by the mercury, and entire neural networks are destroyed as the mercury effects a chain reaction of destruction.  The University of Calgary did a great video showing exactly what happens to your brain on mercury, you can see it HERE.

If you’ve gotten your mercury amalgam fillings replaced that’s great, but we still need to get that mercury out of the brain.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, a fellow with the Heart Research Foundation in New York discovered Coriander is a unique and easy way to remove mercury, lead, and aluminum.

His team and him were having a hard time treating infections with antibiotics and antiviral compounds, seeing them go away with administration of the pharmaceuticals only to have them recur again some time later.  Pressing further for an answer, he discovered that deposits of mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and lead were keeping the infection alive and inactivating the antibiotics and antiviral meds.  

Testing a patient’s urine one day he discovered that levels of mercury in the urine increased significantly after eating a meal with cilantro.  Eventually Dr. Omura succeeded with a protocol for healing chronic infection by using coriander to remove the heavy metals and then natural antivirals such as EPA and DHA for permanent healing.

Dr. Omura was radical, he shed light on a lot of truth.  In another study he observed the removal of three amalgam from an individual using all the precautions available to prevent the absorption of mercury from the amalgam.  Even with strong suctioning of air and water, a rubber dental dam, significant amounts of mercury were later found in the patient’s lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver, and heart. There had been no mercury in these tissues prior to the amalgam removal!

Using only coriander, Dr. Omura was able to clear the mercury deposits in three weeks!

The best way I found to remove mercury is to use lots of fresh cilantro and coriander oil in your food.  This will help to liberate mercury from the tissues.  The only quality organic coriander oil I have found that is undiluted and 100% oil of cilantro seed is this one. For me, a good bentonite clay taken at one teaspoon mixed with water three times a day during the mercury removal protocol is sufficient to keep any metals from being reabsorbed in the colon.  I also add broken cell wall chlorella to my salad as part of this heavy metal detox regimen for added benefit.

Mercury Detox Salad Dressing Recipe 

Serves 4-5

4 ounce Flax oil, Hemp, or EFA rich oil blend like 5 Seed Oil

1 ounce Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Teaspoon Coriander oil

2 Teaspoons Celtic Sea Salt

Half a lemon – squeezed

1 Teaspoon Chlorella Powder

1 Teaspoon Black Pepper

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Mix these well and use as a dressing for your salad or on your rice or other dishes.

Mexican food uses lots of cilantro, so it would be a good idea to make cilantro rich salsas with selenium rich blue corn chips as part of your detox diet.

Another easy way to add coriander oil into your diet is to add a half teaspoon to your green drink or smoothie.

Topical Use Of Coriander Oil For Heavy Metal Mobilization

Wrists and ankles are dense with nerve fibers and when you rub coriander directly in for five minutes, it is absorbed and crosses to the main lymphatic channels where it proceeds to do its magic as a scavenger of heavy metals.  

Heavy metal detox should be done slowly so a healing crisis does not occur.   I dedicated two years to remediate my own mercury toxicity.  If you are averse to cilantro or coriander, for example some people can’t stomach it at all;  that is almost a sure sign that you are heavy metal poisoned.  You’ll need to add cilantro to your diet slowly, and topical application would be the preferred way to go.  Signs of reabsorbing heavy metals during a purge include headaches, nervousness, flu-like symptoms, or fever.

5 Other Supplements That Help Remove Toxic Metals

  1. Taurine and methionine.  These are sulphur-containing amino acids. They decrease oxidative stress resulting from heavy metal exposure.  Sulfur rich foods like Garlic are a good bet.
  1. Fulvic Acid. Anyone trying to get heavy metals out of their body should get themselves familiar with this miracle of nature. Fulvic acid compounds are able to bind heavy metals and transport them out of the cell.  I wrote an article about it HERE.
  1. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC).  This is an orally taken precursor of cysteine, a known chelator of heavy metals and also known to stimulate glutathione production, particularly in the presence of Vitamins C and E.
  1. Apple Pectin. Pectin is found in many fruits with properties that are excellent for making jellies. Pectin also has the added benefit of being able to pull heavy metals out of the blood.  The rinds of many fruits have pectin; these include banana, apples, and grapes. Applesauce is a great source of pectin.
  1. Selenium.  Selenium depletion in the face of mercury exposures also depletes seleno-enzymes. In humans, organic selenium supplementation was beneficial in a controlled trial among 103 mercury-exposed patients.

Author: Vic Love,


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Margaret E. Sears*

Dry Fasting, Youthing Intensified

My 5 Day Dry Fasting Adventure

Dry fasting is simply getting up in the morning and seeing how long you can go without putting anything in your mouth. You already have at least 8 hours into it, why not go at least 16 hours so your body can benefit from the rest from having to constantly process food and rewarding you with a boost of growth factors. The first time I dry fasted was in my early 30’s and a tooth infection hit me, so I did what I saw animals do, I stopped everything, I know that’s extreme but it works, after 3 days of not eating or drinking anything including water the infection went away, and my tooth was good as ever. At that point I wasn’t hungry and had plenty of energy, and so did another nine days just on water with no change in lifestyle. At the end of the 12 day fast I had only lost five pounds and proved to myself that really humans can exist on a lot less than we think. I went back to food out of boredom, and not only appreciated more, but my digestion became even better.  Maybe it was easier for me than others because I had practiced sun gazing for a number of years.

The modern resurgence of medical dry fasting was popularized by Ukrainian doctors.  They figured out that of chernobyl radiation poisoning victims of the ones that dry fasted, they were able to purge the radioactive particles from their bodies and live, versus those that did nothing and succumbed to radiation poisoning.  I was born in the Ukraine, so I understand that drive to get creative and do what you have to do and what it takes to survive and thrive.

Why dry fasting is so profound is because when you cut off food and water, after  a while, your body, seeing as nothing is coming in, gets really efficient with what it has. The hunter instinct takes over and your level of alertness and sensory awareness is activated.  Cells compete for water and only the healthiest cells win out, all others dehydrate and self destruct, there’s no more effective way to cleanse than to let the body do all the work. Bacteria and viruses get out competed for water and nutrients by healthy cells.  Furthermore, growth hormone is produced by the body when it is not insulin dependent, so your blood is flooded with powerful nerve and tissue growth factors.  Unnecessary fat is burned very efficiently, and research and experience shows that the more you do it, the longer the long-term benefit.  

I forgot about that first dry fasting experience for a decade until a friend showed me some videos on YouTube of a few dry fasting enthusiasts talking about their experience going the clinically recommended 5 days. The science behind it made solid sense to me. I was re-inspired, if they can do it, so can I.

I’m unconventional, every year, I try to fast on thanksgiving. I figure what better way is there to feel grateful, to give the body a rest, and the feeling of emptiness to acknowledge those that go hungry for no logical reason rather than give thanks by gorging oneself into a food coma.   Thanksgiving came and went, and I kept the dry fast going for 121 hours, five full days of existing on sunlight, air, the grace of God and nothing else.  Allow me to share some of the deeper insights from that experience.  

Leading up to the fast is important, make sure you are well hydrated and well nourished a week leading up to the fast.  I was in our studio kitchen filming delicious Life Food vegan recipes all week so I was buzzing with wellness. 

I feel like dry fasting is the best pattern interrupt one can do on themselves.  All it takes is a little willpower and you can retrain your habits.  Many people who can’t live without a late night snack or a morning coffee can take this as an opportunity to re-pattern their consumption habits by giving all cravings and substance addictions a rest.

By day two my hunger disappeared and by day three I really started to appreciate the simple things in life like the warm sun shining on my face, feeding me, the feel of moisture in the every deep breath, the ability to fall into stillness and meditation without effort and experience the present moment, observing my thoughts, my inhale and my exhale.   Awareness is incredibly heightened during a dry fast as the senses come alive unencumbered by digestive processes.

The important thing to remember is the fast should be discontinued if your mouth dries out and you have no saliva.  If you can’t draw any saliva up, its time to discontinue the fast, you are too dehydrated.   Your mouth may get dry but as long as you can create saliva that is thin and wet, you can go many days on a dry fast.  An important practice while dry fasting as well as every day life is always breathe through your nose, 99% of the time.  Many people who are mouth breathers can’t breathe through their nose because of a lingering nasal infection. The sinus cavity surface area is much more massive than you think, and infection can linger and hide out for decades, an most people learn to live with it.

The Best Medicine No Money Can Buy

Another consideration, because you don’t have the luxury of taking long hot showers, as your contact with water should be minimal, one can tend to get cold easily. So, my advice on a fast is to guard your precious body heat, maintain 98.6 degrees or higher. And actually, when toxins are burning up you can develop a slight and temporary fever. This happened to me. There is so much happening at the intercellular level that it is difficult to sleep. Weird aches, and memories of past trauma are quickly experienced and cleared, pathogens hiding deep in the interstitial fluid are incinerated. When the body is put on this fast, the body’s primary objective becomes to attack all dysbiosis radically and clean house.  The electrical potential of the cells is increased and if you want to have some fun, sleep with a down comforter, in a low humidity room, you are so charged that the static electricity creates a phenomenon of blue sparks coming off your fingers when you touch the down. It took me by surprise at first, but then as I lay awake, unable to sleep I would make my blanket crackle with blue sparks, little bolts of voltage from my fingers, maybe this is how Yoda got started.  

It would be wise on a dry fast to keep talking and mental tasks to a minimum, and not to overstimulate the most wondrous of devices in the known universe, the human brain.  The brain that is engaged in constant mental activity burns 500 calories a day or more, compared to a body conserving energy that can exist on 30 calories or less per day.  Can you see just how much more fuel is needed by the brain? So when fasting, be kind to yourself and give it a rest. Let those higher universal frequencies come and and bathe you in resonant stillness instead of entertaining all the ceaseless chatter in the head.   The ability to relax and release becomes very natural, as resistance is overcome, chaotic alpha and beta brain waves are harmonized and subsonic delta and theta frequencies envelop.  Cells communicate via structured light.  These microtubulin pathways are cleared; trash that has been on the street for years is finally picked up, recycled and upcycled for energy.  You can make energy with solar or burning wood, but one of these is going to leave carbon and phosphoric ash.  

By day five my most intimate friend became my breath, and I felt less like I was the one breathing and more like the one being breathed.  Through my nose, deep to the back of my spine I inhaled my sole source of nourishment.   I literally could feel oxygen working its way into the blood,  cleaving hydrogen off lipid molecules to create cellular water.  That’s right, when needed your body makes its own water from fat stores.  Even five days with no food or water and I still had to pee two to three times a day.  This is the old cellular waste being eliminated.  


I broke my fast at the 121st hour on warm water with fulvic acid.  Fulvic acid, even at a low amount of less than 1000 PPM in water has incredible benefit. It is one of the only substances in nature that can transport toxins out of the cell while at the same time bringing nutrients in.  It is a great way to come off a fast as any toxins not dealt with during the cleanse are transported with the needed boost from the fulvic. You can read about Fulvic Acid in my recent article here.

After I broke the fast, It took another three days before I could have solid food again; a big part of successful fast is how one comes out of it. The stomach has shrunk down quite a bit and by five days in the body has gotten used to not having very much, so it is important to start slowly, reintroducing back vegetable broths, and juices not overly sweet, and then for food easing back into the eater’s world with berries and avocados, sprout salads with coconut and hemp oils, and other lite fare.  

For six weeks after the fast I felt incredible, thanks to the growth hormone that had flooded my bloodstream, I entertained a renewed vigor for strength training. In less than five weeks I gained over ten pounds of muscle. I went from being able to do three pull-ups in a row to sixteen, back to my peak form. Intense workouts did not produce any lactate buildup the day before. I attribute the lack of soreness from weight training to be directly caused by dry fasting.  

Convinced yet you should do a dry fast? I am convinced this is the best self healing mechanism that we have. We are genetically predisposed to living on light and air, it’s in our nuclear DNA.  

When it comes to youthing, there is nothing better than dry fasting.

Author: Vic Love,

What Are You Feeding Your Kids?

According to the Mayo Clinic, 7 out of 10 North Americans has taken some form of prescription pharmaceutical in the past twelve months, most likely an antibiotic or an antidepressant, perhaps a high blood pressure medication or something for blood sugar, pain medication or to lower cholesterol.  

I wonder why is that with all the healthy food and lifestyle choices available, so many people are suffering from symptoms that are directly related to diet?  It is because most people may not see it.

If I want reassurance that people are completely ignorant of the consequences of their dietary choices, I just go to the local supermarket and watch what people put in their shopping cart.  

One should pay particular attention to the checkout aisle. Notice how the candy treats section has shelves and hangers all the way down to the floor? This just tempts a child barely old enough to walk to reach and grab a processed candy and throw a tantrum if they are not allowed to have it.  If you allow your child to have this even one time, the addictive nature of the sugars and other compounds in these products will keep your child craving for more. Comparatively you have to be at least 5 or 6 years old to be tall enough to reach an apple or an orange.  

Most of the reason people are on so many drugs is because at some point improper dietary choices were made and an acute condition developed of which no knowledge existed as to how treat naturally.  Most of these poor nutritional choices are passed down by our parents.  Nevertheless, it is not too late to educate yourself on preventative health and diet for the sake of your children.

Did you know that according the to Weston A. Price Foundation, when they studied the jaw and tooth structures of aboriginal peoples, they discovered that they did not have any crowding or cavities, and that only after the introduction of processed sugars did they begin to get cavities as well.  Their research discovered that tooth crowding is directly related to overconsumption of disaccharide sugars in childhood. Cavities are caused by these as well.  Native people that lived off the land and had no knowledge of processed sugars, they had perfect teeth unlike civilized people today who have created an industry for dentists.

So if some doctor has diagnosed your child as having A.D.D. or Hyperactivity Disorder, just eliminate all sugary sweets and beverages, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will stop bouncing off the walls.

Also, if you are an expecting mother, consider that breastfeeding is your best option.  Formula does not have the proper calcium to phosphate ratio of 5:2, nor does it contain the immune building Lauric Acid, DHA and other fats which is found in breast milk.  DHA is one fatty acid deficient in the western diet.


In the case of expecting mothers, make sure you eat lots of organic leafy greens and coconut and flax oils, and iodine rich seaweeds and phytoplankton. I use Activation flax oil and phytoplankton. I tested all of them, and these are my faves. Stay away from grains, especially non-organic ones as they will most likely contain Glyphosate residue, now being investigated by the FDA as a major endocrine disruptor.  You can read more about that here.

Did you know you can even get breast milk test to see how healthy it is? Lab testing options are coming soon.

Be smart, get nourished and then you can properly nourish your baby.

Feed your child organic, farm fresh, nutrient dense, unpackaged food.  Create healthy habits that will carry them their whole lives vs. foods that will spike their blood sugar, make them insulin dependent, create chronic inflammation, weaken the immune system, destroy the lining of the gut, create kidney and gall bladder stones and exterminate the beneficial microbes which can lead to a miserable life of modern medical and pharmaceutical drugs.

Your child is the most precious human in your life, why would bring them into a world that is full of toxins and poisons and not give them the knowledge of how to avoid these things?  Be conscious, because you can only hope those youth you empower will one day be feeding you.

Check out my Top 3 Sea Minerals for optimum heath!



Quinton™ Marine Plasma is nutrient-rich marine fluid that is harvested from the depths of an oceanic plankton bloom.

There are two types of Quinton:

Quinton Isotonic™ is diluted to an isotonic concentration to conform to the human extracellular matrix (bioterrain). Quinton Isotonic™ is excellent for long term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.

Hypertonic is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms following the protocols of Rene Quinton.

Hypertonic is a good way to start your protocol if you are generally healthily. Many Hypertonic users report positive results switching to Isotonic after several months and back to Hypertonic occasionally to regulate their system. After trying both, many just “know” which one they need when.

Ocean’s Alive

 This incredible super nutrient is both the most fundamental and crucial strain of marine phytoplankton on the planet, and it stands tall as a giant even among giants within the superfood category.

Nannochloropsis Gaditana is probably the smallest food known to man, it is smaller than a red blood cell, but this micro-algae contains around 65 vitamins and minerals including trace minerals such as selenium and chromium which is key to fighting and preventing diseases.

Like Chlorella and Spirulina, it is pure sunlight, it is first line in the food chain and you can imagine how pure the energy it gives our body at the cellular level.

Celtic Sea Salt

 To put an end to the “What is the best salt argument once and for all”, here’s a simple reason why traditionally salt pond harvested salt a.k.a. celtic sea salt is the best salt for human consumption. The salt is still wet. Under a microscope, you see the water trapped in the salt crystal. Water soluble minerals like iodine and magnesium are utilized by the body far better when they are in this dissolved state; so make sure your salt is fresh harvested and the brine drained from it as the crystals form that have the essential mineral nutrient locked in.  

I like Celtic Sea salt brand, they have different grades of traditionally harvested sea salt with their top of the line being Sel De Mer, which is an incredible finishing salt.  

Author: Vic Love,


Best to Sleep on it

I love when science validates common sense, but common sense is not so common, so some of us need scientific proof to believe anything.   In this case, research at the University of Bristol shows how brain activity during sleep sorts and consolidates experiences into memories, filing what is important for later recall and discarding the rest.  So, if you don’t get proper sleep your memory could suffer; you may be forgetful and slow to action.  And that starts you down the downward spiral of stimulants and supplements to be the band aid to your lack of dreamtime.  This research explains exactly the mechanism of how memories are processed while you’re out cold and points out something quite profound, that “successful replay of brain activity during sleep is dependent on the emotional state of the person when they are learning.” Thank you science for validating what some of us already know! Read about it here!

Author: Vic Love,

Fulvic Acid, A Miracle Nutrient

Nature’s #1 Electrolyte

Though virtually unknown to modern culture, there is perhaps no plant derived substance more beneficial to life than Fulvic acid. Like Hydrogen and nothing else in nature, it can flip between a positive or negative polarity, meaning it can increase transport of nutrients and assimilation into the cell and attach to toxins many times larger and drag them out. It also functions as a catalyst of many enzyme reactions within plant and animal cells.   It is complex molecule yet has a lower molecular weight than water, truly a most wondrous and unique food.

The conditions for Fulvic acid to form are very rare.  Essentially it is the concentrated essence of of ancient large leafed forests that has aged and transformed over eons of time.  A inland sea drying and becoming a temperate deciduous forest which decays into a bog and then gets covered over by volcanic ash. Fulvic acid exists at 1-15% in humic acids, which make up this rich organic tree compost that has matured and concentrated for hundreds of thousands of years. This living earth is rich in phytonutrients, plant sterols, nucleic acids, peptides, beneficial microorganisms, olmic and fulvic acid.  Were this material too close to the surface it would have eroded, buried too deep and it would become coal, so the fact that these deposits exist and the deposit mined and processed, and fulvic acid extracted, we have something that in very small quantities increases the growth of plants by 30-50%, and even at 50ppm in water, for our bodies is like winning the lottery.

This is the way nature intended, that a mighty virgin forest would be upcycled to provide a concentrated essence of vitality to future life.

If one looks at nature, one can see that fulvic acid is found at every step of the food chain. Like hydrogen, it sparks oxygen and gives energy to our every cell of our biology, with no side effects, contraindications, or toxicity. Mother Nature is the best pharmacist. Only common sense can write you a prescription.

The food we eat should be full of fulvic acid, but would you be surprised to find out it is not?  The soil on 99% of farms today does not have it.  Its an amendment that many know about and use it as their massive crop yield secret.

Who wants to go through life with an exotic sports car running cheap gasoline and 99 cent store motor oil? Further your precision powered machine doesn’t have power brakes, steering or air conditioning.  This is you without the basic building blocks of life that nature made for you over hundreds of thousands of years and intends you to enjoy for your cells to function easier so that you may have a long virile life.

Evidence of medical use of fulvic acid goes back China in the 15th century Ming Dynasty where it was called Wu Jin San or “Golden Medicine”, where it was documented for use in the treatment of infectious ulcerous growth and female hemorrhage diseases as a blood coagulator and anti-inflammatory.

On top of the extensive Chinese, Japanese and Russian scientific research, an American, Dr. S. A. Visser in 1988 reviewed and reported on the medicinal value of humic substances in an article entitled: “Effects of humic substances on higher animals and man; the possible use of humic compounds in medical treatments”,

Dr. Visser stated that external applications of fulvic acid includes:

  • Treating open wounds
  • Healing burns with minimum pain or scarring
  • Eliminating discoloration due to skin bruises
  • Killing pathogens responsible for athlete’s foot
  • Acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide
  • Treating rashes and skin irritations
  • Helping to heal cuts and abrasions
  • Helping heal insect bites and spider bites
  • Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak

Internally, research shows fulvic acid:

  • Is a powerful natural electrolyte
  • Clathrates all monovalent and divalent metals
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Transports nutrients
  • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Detoxifies pollutants
  • Dissolves silica
  • Catalyzes mineral function
  • Enhances cell division and elongation
  • Enhances the permeability of cell membranes
  • Increases metabolism of proteins
  • Catalyzes vitamins within the cell
  • Complexes and dissolves minerals and trace elements
  • Restores electrochemical balance

So where can you buy this dietary missing link?  The truth is there are not many companies that offer the real thing.

Here’s a tip for selecting the right fulvic acid to take because there seems to be a lot of miseducation and confusion. In my experience most companies advertising fulvic acid are actually selling a humic acid with a very small fulvic fraction in it.  A good rule of thumb is that if a product is advertised to contain minerals in addition to fulvic, then they don’t know the first thing about fulvic, which part of the magical benefit is how small the molecule is, complexed with larger minerals it dramatically loses its effect.

Author: Vic Love,


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