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The lives we live are often so full of activity that looking at the wondrous world of soil just beneath our feet is often the last thing on our minds. If we pause for only a moment and begin to look at what this incredibly important and diverse layer of…

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SLEEPING BEAUTY Why do our bodies seem to break down and cause problems? It doesn’t make any sense when looking at how the body works. Science has shown over and again the power of our body to regenerate and grow back from nearly anything. Before we can get a clear picture…

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Your Best Garden Ever – The 'Green Philosophy' of Health

THE ‘DO NOTHING’ GARDEN Our current way of thinking about gardening requires painstaking effort. We have to plan the lot, till the soil, plant and protect the seeds, gate off from animals, weed out unwanted plants, water, shade, the sun, etc., etc. There is a great deal of work in…

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