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5 Reasons You Should Be Sleeping Naked (For Real!) In our book, ‘Finally Feeling Sexy, Happy & Healthy – A Handbook of 23 Natural Solutions to Supporting Your Healthy Hormones’ we talk about how important it is to get a great night sleep. Sleep is a top priority if you…

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The Biology of Belief

TAKING THE INFLUENCE OVER OUR BIOLOGY TO THE NEXT LEVEL Have you ever heard the name, Bruce Lipton? If you have, amazing. It’s likely you have blown away all misconceptions about the power our beliefs have in shaping our lives. Your life is certainly changing in front of your eyes,…

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WOMEN’S HEALTH – THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC OF OUR TIME As presumptuous as it may sound, women’s health is quite literally the most important topic of our modern age. As a man writing this, you might be wondering why would I make such a bold claim. At its core the…

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THE GOLDEN GOOSE The luster of the glistening glow of gold has for millennia caught the eye of nearly every culture the world over. From its use as jewelry to the basis of monetary economies gold has been a cornerstone feature of the cultural landscape of every nation on the planet….

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GREENS SUPPLEMENTS There are so many ways for us to boost our levels of daily nutrition. For many people, this includes things like eating organic, cutting out some of the known problem foods, and taking various supplements. One of our favorite ways to make sure we are getting the most…

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