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One of life’s greatest complaints (other than scarcity of time) is lack of energy. We will all find ourselves in a state of lethargy at some point, depleted of vital energy with a variety of potential causes. Feeling worn-out? Skip the stimulants and beat fatigue with these natural energy therapies.

Drink Up!

Water is our number one essential life force, and many of us simply do not get enough of it. Water helps to carry nutrients to the cells and function optimally, so when the body isn’t getting enough, systems can slow down. The result: sluggish irritability and an overall lack of liveliness. At the first sign of a slump, drink a glass of water. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it can help you perk up.

Stand up straight.

This allusion to posture may remind you of a nagging childhood cliché, but in this case, it has proven effects on energy levels. When we operate in a slouched fashion, we embody a physical presence of frailty, creating unstable muscle alignment that results in the body consuming more energy in order to stay vertical. Upright posture reflects a balance within the body, where joints and muscles are united so that they rest effortlessly onto one another.

Optimize digestion.

When it comes to energy levels, the gut is so important. The digestive system is connected to virtually everything that happens within the body and can contribute to a host of common health problems, all of which contribute to a drain on energy levels. Nutrient absorption can also be affected, meaning the body is not getting an adequate supply of fuel to its cells. Eat whole, organic and unprocessed foods, paying close attention to potential food intolerances. Probiotics will also help to maximize good intestinal flora and optimize digestive health.

Step into the light.

The sun provides a great source of vitamin D, which is a hormone produced in the skin via energy from UVB rays. This study explores how vitamin D is thought to impact energy levels—by optimizing cell mitochondria and therefore, muscle function. We have become a sun-phobic society, growing largely deficient in this important nutrient. In small doses (5-15 minutes a day), sun exposure provides a healthy dosage of vitamin D and can positively impact energy levels.

Get Moving!

By moving the body regularly, you will optimize cardiovascular health, allowing for efficient blood circulation that increases the body’s oxygen intake. When the body is properly oxygenated, it can best utilize all energy sources. Exercise also activates the production of endorphins, body chemicals that are often referred to as “natural painkillers.”  Similar to the effects of opiates, endorphins create a natural pleasurable state within the body, one that translates to an increase in energy levels.

Stay present and smile.

Energy, by its very nature, is a present time substance. By maintaining a mind-body connection rooted in the here and now, you can create a powerful platform on which to best maximize and maintain current physical energy levels. In addition to the power of this mind-body connection, the simple act of smiling has been found to positively impact the body’s dopamine response, evoking a mild euphoric feeling and improved sense of purpose and drive in daily activities. One of the keys to having more energy is to understand it's all about the big picture. Energy naturally moves, shifts and expresses itself via many channels. If you can open these channels, it will ignite a spark that can have an incredibly powerful impact on your overall flow.

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